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Hayfield Riding Centre


The centre is owned and directed by John and Sue Crawford, and run as a full members club, with resident qualified staff, who themselves trained at Hayfield. Some students come with little experience while others have experience and wish to gain qualifications. Whatever qualification you wish be it British Horse Society examinations, N.V.Q's or the professional qualifications of the ABRS. (Association of British Riding Schools) all of which are Internationally recognised and respected Hayfield can provide your training. Many of our former students now hold positions of distinction in their chosen fields whether as instructors, in management or as trainers of horses or competitive riders.

When you decide to come to Hayfield you take advantage of our 30 years of training experience and gain an excellent opportunity to pursue a professional training working with dedicated enthusiastic trainers on well-schooled happy horses.


Training in a commercial environment demands high standards of performance at all levels, yet Hayfield cares about the individual student and encourages their personal development. Such practical training is of more advantage to the student than a college environment because of the hands on experience to be gained practising customer care, teaching regular riders of all ages, helping with disabled riders, looking after livery horses and preparing, grooming and eventually competing the school horses. Once they have qualified, our students are given every assistance in securing employment in yards where they can continue to develop their skills and interests.


The school is situated in Hazlehead Park within the boundaries of the city of Aberdeen. It is easy walking distance of the bus stops, surrounded by woodland, golf courses and traffic free tracks.

Two indoor schools. Show jumping arena. Cross country course

Outdoor floodlit manege. Polo practice pitch Saddlery shop

60 horses & ponies stabled. Accommodate 20 people Reception and offices

Clubroom and galleries. Comfortable lounge. Friendly atmosphere.

The newsletter on the Internet site at www.hayfield.com will give you a better feel and may include comments and e-mail addresses from past students who you may contact.

THE NATURE OF THE TRAINING. (And working students trial periods)

The training is practical and work based. Hayfield provides for those who simply wish to learn more about working with horses as well as for the ambitious young professional.

All students enjoy a month’s trial following the same schedule as working holiday students and are required to pay the same fees. If everyone is happy after the initial month, there is a further period of two months with no fees to pay you may then apply for a student training grant which typically provides you with pocket money to spend.

Indeed, if rolling up your sleeves to join a working team in a busy stable is what you enjoy then this kind of training is for you. It's hard work but also great fun as you will learn as you join in with stable life, learning good practice through experience and from professionals in a demanding environment. You will be expected to assist the qualified staff at Hayfield as they care for the horses and ponies and look after the needs of the many club members on a daily basis.

Your every working week will be educational, challenging yet great fun. Each day will provide many learning opportunities such as an hour's dedicated riding instruction, twice weekly lectures, demonstrations and competitions that you can take part in. You will have two days and every evening free to study, for relaxation sightseeing or going into town.


Although an approved and recognized Instructor Training centre for the ABRS and BHS examination, the annual intake of students is limited in order that sufficient attention can be paid to each students development. The acceptance of students depends more on their potential, than their previous experience. Each applicant will be required to attend an interview with the directors or staff, which gives them an opportunity to see if they would enjoy training with us. They will be expected to bear their own travelling costs but parents may also attend should they wish. Overseas students will be accepted on a one-month trial in stead of an interview.


There are 45 working horses and ponies at Hayfield. These range from bombproof children's ponies to competition horses that regularly compete with staff and clients. There is also a range of horses for specialist activities, i.e. Dressage, eventing, show jumping, driving, polo, sidesaddle and western.


There is a purpose built accommodation block site at Hayfield. Each room has bunks beds, was hand basin and thermostatically controlled heaters. Bed linen is supplied and towels are the student’s own responsibility as is the cleanliness of their own room, which will be checked. A washing machine and tumble dryer are available for general use. There is a shower block and communal sitting room with T.V. and video. Staff and students cater for themselves but all shopping is done for them.


Students automatically become club members at commencement of their course. The centre organizes regular competitions and club nights with students encouraged participating and competing, they may also try their hand at any of the specialist activities the centre is involved in.


Hayfield is a busy establishment, which offers every opportunity for a student to learn with a comprehensive video and book library. As well as day to day teaching of all ages and standards, there is the opportunity to become involved and watch top trainers of national, international and Olympic level when they visit Hayfield to give clinics and to teach the staff at regular intervals throughout each year. Additionally, Aberdeen has excellent English learning facilities, but special arrangements must be made in combining language learning with equestrian training.

Being part of the Hayfield team is character building and we will help you set new goals, meet and overcome challenges both personal and also in the equestrian arena. Hayfield is an ideal stepping stone to the workplace where those leaving home are still living in a family atmosphere with the opportunity to make new friends and social contacts, to enjoy the freedom of leaving home yet still be under the care and guidance of professional people.


All students have breakfast then start at 8am and finish at approximately 6pm four days a week with the fifth day starting two hours later but finishing at 9pm with late stable duty. Every day is a mixture of training and work where you will practice the lessons learnt. You will enjoy an hour's dedicated riding instruction with the further opportunity of riding out escorting hacks in evening lessons if there is room. Hayfield is a busy yard where all students have daily contact with the clients and must be cheerful, helpful and polite at all times. Although the routine varies according to the season, and due to school and college holidays, there are always at least two lectures or demonstrations a week and sometimes more. By the time you count in your lesson, lectures, two coffee breaks and an hour for lunch (once the horses are fed) the rest of the day breaks up nicely into manageable chunks of work and goes by in a flash.


At all times students are expected to be neat, smart and tidy. Hair must be tied back or in a hairnet and jodhpurs, breeches and boots are worn in daily use when not involved in any dirty work. Smart red Hayfield uniforms are supplied at cost to be worn to enable club members to identify you as someone of authority and experience who can help them.


All students are advised to register with a doctor and dentist in Aberdeen. It is also advised to have up to date tetanus cover. Students from abroad must ensure that they have appropriate medical insurance to cover their stay in the U.K. It is strongly recommended that every student have his or her own personal accident policy.


Hayfield is renowned for it’s friendly professional attitude, which makes it the kind of place where people want to be. Students who possess a positive and pleasant attitude progress well at Hayfield. Part of the training process is the development of good attitudes and practices, which you are encouraged to develop to the best of your ability. It is this what gives Hayfield a good safe working environment and a happy atmosphere.

Students are expected to integrate into the team and will be involved in the daily running and decision making which gives them invaluable experience for the future.


(And working holidays)

Every student comes for a one-month trial period to see if they are suited to the training. You will be rolling up your sleeves to join a working team in a busy stable following the same schedule as the working holiday course which may be hard work but also great fun. This allows you to assess whether a full training course is for you and for us to assess your potential. You will be expected to assist the qualified staff at Hayfield as they care for the horses, ponies and look after the needs of the many club members on a daily basis.

You will pay the same fees as those who come on a months working holiday but if you are accepted and chose to continue with your training the fees you pay us are held and used to pay your examination fee. If you stay after the trial month, for the next two months you pay no fees. Thereafter you may apply for training grant aid from the club.

The only cost to you.

£560 or $875 for 1 month – no charge thereafter. Your fees cover your exam fees.

Your may pay a booking deposit is £280 or $470. Followed by the same on arrival.

Or you may pay for the month £500 or $800 up-front and gain a further reduction.

Important Facts.

  1. We welcome your application but it is often not be possible to accept everyone who applies.
  2. Early applications have a much better chance of being accepted so do not delay.
  3. If once accepted and at the end of the months trial you decide that this training is not for you, then you will have lost nothing having paid for an enjoyable working holiday.
  4. The rate you will have paid has been discounted in appreciation of your working contribution. (Saving you between £126 or $200 of each normal week fees.)
  5. It is a condition of acceptance that you read "important points for Hayfield trainees" and sign a form of acceptance before coming.


All items are available from the center shop at student discount.

Jodhpurs: 2 pairs of dark colored for daily use and one pair of beige for exams.

Hat: B.H.S and B.S.I approved with three or four-point harness fitting.

Boots: Jodhpur boots or muckers for working. Long boots for riding.

Jackets: Tweed Jacket (competitions & exams) + Water proof one.

Hayfield jackets: (supplied by the center.)

Back protector: Of an accepted safety standard.

Shirts: 3 plain white shirt for competitions to wear with tie or stock.

Whips: One short and one long

Grooming kit: Complete.

Casual clothes: To suit your needs.

Note books etc. For lectures. All items should be clearly named.


It is impossible to attend a training course without some books. It is recommended that students have a few from the list below. There are books available in the center library to cover more specialist subjects.

Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship

Horse and Stable Management

B.H.S.A.I. Course Companion

The Veterinary care of the Horse

The B.H.S Manual of Equitation

Lunging the Horse and Rider

BHS Stages Books 1 –3.

ABRS Books and course notes.

If you have questions to ask on any of the above or require further information please do not hesitate to get in touch at any time. You can contact us by the following:


Hayfield Training Information,

Hazlehead Park,

Aberdeen AB15 8BB. UK.

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An Introduction to Hayfield Riding at Hayfield Holidays at Hayfield Training at Hayfield Meet the Hayfield Staff Meet the Hayfield Horses Hayfield News About Aberdeen