Petplan National Riding Festival Open Day
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50% off! Or two-for-one for hacking if you have not ridden at Hayfield this year.

Because we know that once you have experienced riding out in the park on our traffic free trails you will want to keep coming back. And once you get to know our horses, experienced riders can also enjoy riding out in small groups on forest rides, day rides, beach rides and even longer rides up into Royal Deeside.

Regular Rides in the Park. £20 per hr.
Hacks for riders at various levels can be booked at almost any time except Saturday which is booked out. There are walk trot hacks, trot canter, and canter hacks to suit riders of all standards from 1.30 onwards.

Paddock Hacks. £20.
Riding the quietest of horses and ponies riders with little or no experience can enjoy 20 minutes in the paddock before going out into the park for a walk or at most a quiet trot.

Half Hour Walkies. £10.
Walkies suits little children riding out for a pleasant half hours early learning experience while being led out on a small pony in the park.

Beach Rides, Day Rides, Forest Rides, Picnic Rides and Deeside Rides for experienced riders only vary in price from £40-£60pp.

Beach Bar-B-Q's. Usually an evening affair using ponies arranged to suit group £20 pp.

General Information - Please phone in the afternoon to book and pay in advance for rides. Please note that we are very happy to take small groups but the rides must suit the standard of the least experienced rider.
Hard hats can be provided £1 and riders must become members £1 and please arrive 20 minutes early.

There are rides going out almost every evening and the first to book sets the standard for each ride. We look forwards to reintroducing you to the delights of riding at Hayfield in the Park.

Join our horse care courses.
BHS Horse Ownership courses and Certificates

A great way to learn all you need to know before you think of owning a horse. Enjoy learning in the company of others and here is what will happen -

You will become more confident.
Understand the horses better.
Learn what you need to lease one.
Have a lot of fun learn and enjoy.
Gain certificates at every level.

Book now and save 50% on the course fees - Courses start in July. Stage 1 is 8 wks and 2 is 10.
Stage One: What you need to know to be safe and handle a riding school horse or pony with supervision
Stage Two: What you need to know to look after a friends horse or pony for a month or two.
Stage Three: The stages before buying when you may lease/ loaning a horse as a trial before buying..
Stage Four: All about trying, buying, transporting, livery or building your own stables in the country.

If you are interested in joining a course let the office know and sign up - once we have 8 the course is on!


In February everyone at Hayfield enjoyed the wonderful surprise of a visit from Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Rothesay.
The Duchess, better known as Camilla Parker Bowles, along with her husband Prince Charles are both very keen riders. Camilla's visit was specifically to meet everyone involved in a group of special needs children who are riding as part of a project which is the first in Scotland. The visit was kept very hush! hush! for security reasons and was a pleasant and private affair with the focus very much on the children, the ponies, the instructresses, teachers and the many helpers who lead the children.

Following their usual practice, the instructors took charge of the show and with helpers smartly dressed, the children were keen to show off their riding skills which was much to the delight of the teachers, their classmates watching and the press and TV camera's. Smiles all round and cheer from the children watching as Camilla herself led the clapped showing her absolute appreciation and joy. With the display of riding finished Camilla presented all of the riders with the certificates which recognised that they had achieved their first skills level. Most appreciated was the way that Camilla spent absolutely ages chatting away to all of the other children, parents and teachers interested to hear how the riding and pony care courses had helped so many children in all that they do.


The best camps are always when someone gets their friends together and ask their instructress if she would like to run a camp just for them. However, if you don't have enough numbers we can make them up. Sadie's camp is already up and running and there are still a few weeks free to book camps for older children. Younger children can enjoy coming daily to stable management course having fun with ponies.
Further details from the office or e-mail us at


Riders with enough experience are now able to lease loan a horse and there are several options to choose from. However, you do need to be riding at adult stage 5 or Yellow ribbon plus standard to lease.
Details from the office or by e-mail.


Both the British Horse Society and the British Equestrian Federation invited Hayfield to hold the Scottish Petplan National Riding Festival Open Day. We are delighted and so on Sunday the 12th of August we invite you and the rest of the world to come up to Hayfield and be part of a wonderful day of events and horsey demonstrations. In the run up to the event we are looking for companies to donate to the event and in exchange we will be happy to provide advertising and or a trade stand. Contact John on Mob 07768 161 006 or e-mail


This July John is arranging a short break in Orkney. The gathering, called simply "Dig Orkney" is just a long weekend with some riding, sightseeing, archiology, bird watching, yet more riding, and local pubs. Not expensive there is a £100 booking fee after which everyone pays their own way-interested?
Then E-mail for the exact dates and further information from John.
Gatherings to come: Blair Horse Trials Aug23-26th. and Bal-na-sloe Horse Fair in Ireland 29 Sept-2nd Oct.
Full details will soon be up on a website or e-mail John at for more details.

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